Symantec Email Security Quick Start Guide

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This KB outlines the essential steps for setting up and activating Symantec Email Security after you've ordered your account.

Getting Started

    1.    Adding your domain
    2.    Get your ClientNet login
    3.    Configure your inbound routes
    4.    Register your users
    5.    Review your Anti-Spam Quarantine Settings
    6.    Configure MX records


Noteworthy Settings:

View and Turn off your Email Disclaimer
By default a disclaimer will display at the bottom of your received emails letting you know that the message was scanned.

  • On the Services tab select > Email Services > Email Disclaimers > Current Disclaimers tab
  • Locate the disclaimer that is called Default. Click the link to Turn Off if you wish.

Review your Anti-Spam Service Settings
Located on the Services tab > Anti-Spam

Detection Settings
Most spam is set to 'Quarantine the mail' by default. Adjust these settings if you wish.
You can also enable Newsletter Detection to help prevent those unwanted newsletters from flooding in.

Quarantine Settings
Select your quarantine notification frequency.

  • Under Notification Content enable Users can release emails directly from notifications to be able to retrieve quarantined messages without logging in to your Spam Manager.
  • Also take a look at the options under Spam Manager.


Create your approved and blocked senders list
Please note that by default with Symantec Approved and Blocked senders lists are global across the domain. If you have '' in your blocked senders list, any email from will be blocked for all users. You may wish to start out with a clean slate and get a feel for how Symantec handles your spam messages for a little bit and then add to your list as needed.

  • Create your lists on the Services tab > Anti-Spam > Approved Senders and > Blocked Senders


Information about your Spam Manager Quarantine

Once your account is fully provisioned and your MX records are updated you'll receive a welcome email with a link to activate your new Spam Manager account where you'll be able to view and release spam messages. Don't be alarmed if you do not receive it right away. It may take up to 12 hours for the spam manager account to be created after the first spam message is captured.


Important URLs
ClientNet - Your administrative portal
SpamManager - Your Spam Quarantine

Symantec Help Docs links - Stuck? Start here

ClientNet Administrator Guide

Anti-Spam Spam Manager User Guide

Email Anti-Spam Administrator Guide 

See also Help on Email Anti-Spam.

If you have any further questions that were not answered in this article, please contact us.

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