Configure Inbound Routes for Symantec Email Security

Posted by on May 30 2013 05:45 PM

This KB article outlines the steps needed to add your domains mail servers (inbound routes) in your ClientNet account.

Add your Inbound domain route:

  • Log into your ClientNet account at
  • Click on the Services tab -> Email Services -> Inbound Routes. If you just registered your domain and do not see the Services tab, then the domain is still being provisioned and is not yet ready for you to proceed.
  • To add a new inbound route for your domain (your domains’ actual mail server) click on the 'Add and Check New' button.
  • Add in your domain's mail server in the 'IP address or mailhost name' box and enter in an email address where you want to receive your result email. Then click Add. You will receive a status report within an hour and will see the route listed under Registered Default Inbound Routes.
  • Under Registered Default Inbound Routes, if you see one of our default mail servers listed select the up arrow next to your new inbound route to change the priority to the top. You can then delete our original default mail server if one was displayed here. If your mail is hosted elsewhere you can go ahead and delete our default inbound route with the Delete button next to the lower priority route.
  • Select the Other reason and click Confirm.

Please contact support if you are unsure of the mail server for your domain.

Updating your Inbound Route:

If you ever need to add in a new inbound route later due to a mail move you'll follow the same procedure. Simply add in your new route, update the priority to the top and then delete your old one.

If you have any further questions that were not answered in this article, please contact us.

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