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How to Manage Your Spam Experts Quarantine List

Posted by Josh Tobiansky on January 10 2014 02:46 PM

In the Spam Experts web interface, you can find all messages for all domains that were permanently blocked by the filtering system under the Spam Quarantine. You can review the Quarantine and tell Spam Experts to take different actions on the quarantined messages, such as releasing them for delivery, training the system to know if the email is or is not spam, or deleting the message from the quarantine entirely. You can apply changes to individual or multiple messages at a time with this method. Note: Spam messages that were temporarily rejected on SMTP level are not listed in this overview and will be automatically retried by legitimate sending servers. You can use the log search function to find a specific message that is not listed in this table.

  • From the Spam Experts web interface, click on "Spam Quarantine" from the Incoming section on the menu bar.

  • Once selected, the system will display all quarantined messages under your account (if logged in as a domain admin), OR under your email user (if logged in as a user). If you wish to release any incorrectly quarantined messages, simply select the check box next to the message. For a single message, there is a drop down arrow next to the check box which can be selected. You will see these options:
    • Release: Tells Spam Experts to send the message to your inbox.
    • Release and Train: Tells Spam Experts to send the message to your inbox, and to train itself that this type of email is NOT spam.
    • Release and Whitelist: Tells Spam Experts to send the message to your inbox and set the sending address as a trusted sender, so their emails will never be marked as spam in the future.
    • Remove: Deletes the message from the quarantine. The message will not be delivered to your inbox.
    • Remove and Blacklist: Deletes the message from the quarantine and additionally tells Spam Experts to block this sender from ever reaching your inbox in the future.

  • If you wish to release multiple messages at once, simply select all the message check boxes and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will be given the same options to apply to the selected messages, in bulk.

  • If there are no messages that need to be released, you can quickly empty the quarantine list by clicking the "Empty Spam Quarantine" button on the top of the page.

Spam Experts also allows you to configure your Spam Quarantine within an email client (such as Outlook or Thunderbird). By adding your Spam Quarantine as an IMAP account, you will be able to also release messages from the quarantine via the email client. Instructions on configuring your email client to display the Spam Quarantine can be found here: Accessing the SpamExperts Quarantine via IMAP

If you have any other questions about Spam Experts that were not addressed in this article, please see the Spam Experts online Knowledge Base for further information.

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