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Security Passphrase FAQ

Posted by on April 18 2016 04:09 PM

Q: What is a security passphrase?

A: The passphrase is one-step verification method for you to use if you need to call our support or billing teams. This will replace the previous verification methods of providing the last four digits of your credit card or providing your control panel login credentials.

Q: When / How do I use a passphrase?

A: Your passphrase will be required when you call our support or billing teams. This will verify your identity so we can assist you.

Q: Why do I have to set a passphrase?

A: The passphrase is unique to your account, so will allow us to easily verify your identity over the phone or when you submit tickets through the customer control panel. This will also prevent unauthorized access or changes to your account.

Q: How do I create or edit a passphrase?

A: This article provides instructions to set up or edit a passphrase on your account: How to Create or Update a Security Passphrase

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