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Posted by on August 31 2015 01:43 PM

Q: What is Web Presence Builder?

A: Web Presence Builder is an easy and intuitive means of creating websites for small businesses and individuals. Web Presence Builder is included with all our shared web hosting packages.

Q: How do I install Web Presence Builder on my subscription?

A: This article provides detailed instructions on installing Web Presence Builder on your plan: How to Install Web Presence Builder

Q: How do I use Web Presence Builder? Is there a tutorial or a guide?

A: Documentation on how to use Web Presence Builder can be found in this guide:  Web Presence Builder User's Guide

We also have a quick tutorial video that will walk you through the initial creation of your Web Presence Builder site, and some of the common editing options you may be looking for. This is a good resource for getting started and seeing what Web Presence Builder has to offer:  Getting Started Video

Q: What are Web Presence Builder snapshots?

A: You can save multiple copies of your site at any time and use them to restore the site to a previous version, by using the "snapshot" function within Web Presence Builder. Information on using snapshots to save and restore the site can be found here: How to Manage Web Presence Builder Snapshot Backups

Q: Can I publish my site if my domain is pointed elsewhere?

A: Web Presence Builder is designed to only work once a website is pointed to our server. If you attempt to publish when the site is still pointing to another provider, you will receive a publishing error such as, "The site can not be published to the specified location. The specified site URL does not match the ftp settings." HostMySite can assist by making a temporary change on the server, which will allow publishing before you make the new site "live". Please contact us or submit a support ticket to ask for assistance if this is needed. Otherwise, you will not be able to publish until the site's IP address is updated to point to our server.

Q: How do I know which page sections will be displayed on all pages versus which will be displayed only on the current page?

A: Our Getting Started Video has a video example which shows how to move page sections so they are visible on all pages, or only on a single page. When you highlight an item on the page, it will either be blue or green. Blue means "On All Pages" and green means "Only on This Page". You can drag the items into differently colored areas to change where they will be visible on your website.

Q: What do all the different tabs in the editor menu do?

A: There are five different tabs in the Web Presence Builder editor menu, which allow you to use different features on your site:


Here you can choose necessary modules (such as an image gallery, online store link, map to your location, etc) and drag them to any place on the page to fill your website with content.


Here you can select the layout and general color scheme for your website, change colors of different elements, and select fonts and border style.


Here you can add and delete pages, rename them, edit page meta information such as descriptions and keywords for use by search engines, or mark a page as hidden so that your visitors cannot access it from the site menu.


Here you can upload documents, images, and other files in various formats to your hosting account. You can then easily insert links to these documents into your website pages. Or, you can just keep the files on the hosting account for your own needs.


Here you can edit your website name, description and keywords for search engines, upload a site icon (favicon), optimize the ranking of your website in search engine results, connect your site to Google Analytics, and add a copy of your site to a Facebook page.

If you have any further questions that were not answered in this article, please contact us.

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