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How to Manage Web Presence Builder Snapshot Backups

Posted by Erin McDuffy on May 26 2013 03:33 PM

While working on the content and design of a website within Web Presence Builder, you can save several copies of each site to the server and restore sites from the saved copies (also referred to as snapshots). Each snapshot is a saved copy of the entire site. Saving site copies can be useful in the following cases:

  • You want to prepare several versions of the same website, so that you can later load them for review, choose the best designed or the most appropriate version, and publish it to the Internet.
  • You want to make significant changes or experiment on the site design or content, but be sure that you can safely undo the changes should anything go wrong

Creating New Snapshots

Downloading Snapshots

Restoring from Snapshots

Uploading Snapshots


This article assumes that you are already familiar with how to log in to the customer control panel. If you do not know how to log in or have forgotten your password, please refer to this article first.

  • From the Websites tab in the control panel, select the "Edit in Web Presence Builder" link next to the domain on which you have already installed Web Presence Builder.


  • To Create a New Snapshot: In the Web Presence Builder editor's main menu, click the downward arrow icon next to the Save option and enter a new name for the snapshot (by default, it will say "User-saved snapshot"). Click Save. NOTE: Locally saved snapshots can only be used to restore the site via the Web Presence Builder tool; these files cannot be used to upload to another server via FTP, for instance.  The file is saved with an .ssb extension, which can only be interpreted by Web Presence Builder itself.


  • To Download a Saved Snapshot: From the Save menu, click the floppy disk icon. You will be able to choose a location on your computer where this should be saved.



  • To Restore the Site from an Existing Snapshot: In the Web Presence Builder editor's main menu, click the downward arrow icon next to the Restore option. Highlight the snapshot you wish to use, then click Load.


  • To Upload a Locally Saved Snapshot: From the Restore menu, click the upload icon (with the green arrow).

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