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Managing Domain Aliases in Spam Experts

Posted by on October 14 2013 11:07 AM

If you have multiple domains that should have mail delivered to the same location, you can make use of domain aliasing within Spam Experts. Domain aliases can be added to your main domain directly in the Spam Experts web interface. Any email sent to the domain alias will be delivered to the same user on the main domain. When you add a domain alias and switch the MX records to activate the filtering for this alias domain, mail directed to user1@alias.ext will be filtered and delivered to user1@maindomain.ext.

For Example: Let's presume you have the main domain, with destination mail server, and the alias domain Email sent to will be delivered to the SMTP server with the recipient The email "To:" headers will still show the original recipient'.

Alias domains do not have separate access to the control panel. Since all SMTP traffic to the domain alias is rewritten to the main domain, any changes or lookups on the main domain will simply include the alias domain traffic as if it was sent directly to the main domain. If you are searching for a specific email sent to a domain alias using the log search, the recipient will therefore show as user@maindomain.

  • From the Spam Experts web interface, click on "Domain Aliases" under the Incoming section on the menu bar.

  • You will see a list of all existing domain aliases, if any. Below this list, enter your new domain alias in the "Add an Alias" section. Click the Add button.

  • Your new domain alias will now show in the list. NoteFor your alias to be active, you will need to update the MX record on your aliased domain to The system will not be able to do this for you automatically.

If you have any other questions about Spam Experts that were not addressed in this article, please see the Spam Experts online Knowledge Base for further information.

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