Adding Domain and Email Aliases in Symantec Email Security

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This KB outlines how to add email aliases inside of your Spam Manager account as well as adding Domain aliases inside your ClientNet account for your Symantec Email Security service. You can add Use the Spam Manager to add aliases to consolidate your quarantine management within one Spam Manager account for your existing domain.

To add additional Domain Aliases you will add in your aliased domain, register your aliased users, and then add them to your Spam Manager to consolidate them.

Adding Domain Aliases

All domains and addresses must be added to your Symantec ClientNet, even if they're simply aliases based off of your primary domain so to add a domain alias:  

  • Log in to your ClientNet at
  • Click on the Services Tab then Domains
  • Click the Add New Domain button to add a new domain via the Domain Wizard


Register Your Users (Domain Alias Email Addresses)

Once your domain is listed as Active proceed to Register your Addresses in the Client Net.


Adding Email Aliases in your Spam Manager

You can add email aliases to your Spam Manager account to consolidate spam quarantine management for multiple email addresses.

  • Log in to your Spam Manager account at
  • Click on the Options Tab
  • Under Manage Aliases enter in your desired alias email address in the Add an Alias box and click Add.

An email confirmation will be sent with instructions to validate the email address. Addresses awaiting confirmation will be shown as Pending.

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