My Domain Is Expiring, Can I Transfer To/From HostMySite

Posted by on October 11 2012 11:18 AM

Q: My domain is expired or about to expire, can I transfer it to you or transfer it away from HostMySite?

A: The answer to this question really depends on where you're transferring the domain to or from.

Our registrar, Tucows, supports the transfer of expired domains, both in and out. However, some registrars may not allow this. To be sure a domain is transferable, it is always best to start the transfer process two weeks prior to the expiry date, or earlier. If your registrar does not allow transfer of expired domains, you may be able to have them temporarily activate the domain for the purposes of transfer. This is something to ask directly to your domain registrar. 

You can find a checklist to assist with the domain transfer process in each of the following articles:

Prepare Your Domain for Transfer to HostMySite

How to Prepare a Domain for Transfer to Another Registrar

If you are encountering any difficulty with your domain transfer, please contact us. We can help to determine your domain is transferable, and we may be able to help you work with an uncooperative registrar.

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