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How to Export Your Miva Store Data to a Flat File

Posted by Michael Mawhinney on June 10 2015 02:25 PM

The following article explains how to export data from a Miva Merchant store to a flat file. This procedure can be done to create a backup of the store information or to import the information to another program, such as Quickbooks. Miva Merchant allows data export of Affiliates, Customers, Categories, Orders, and Products.

  • Log in to your Miva Merchant Admin section (typically
  • Expand Stores in the menu on the left.
  • Expand your Store's name.
  • Expand Utilities.
  • Expand Export Data.
  • Click the type of export you want: Affiliates, Customers, Categories, Orders, or Products.
  • Fill in the Export Orders form. Each type of export requires the same information. For example, to export Orders, enter the following:Click Export. The data is exported to your MivaData directory and can be downloaded through FTP. If you are unable to access the MivaData directory please contact Support.
    • Batch to Export: Select the batch of orders you want to export.
    • Export to File: Enter the name of the file (for example, orders.dat)
    • Delimiter: Select Tab (you can enter a custom character if you want, for example, a comma).
    • If File Exists: Append


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