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How to Migrate Calendars From SmarterMail to Open-Xchange

Posted by Michael Mawhinney on June 04 2015 05:48 PM

To migrate your calendars, you will need to login to webmail for both SmarterMail and Open-Xchange (referred to as OX), and have a version of Outlook installed on your computer. This article was written using Outlook 2010, but it should apply to other versions.

  • In your SmarterMail webmail, click the Calendar section.
  • Click Actions and then Add to Outlook. The Add to Outlook window opens.
  • Select your Outlook version (either 2003 or 2007/newer). Enter a Description and Outlook Display Name. You can enter anything, but it's best to choose something obvious (for example, SmarterMailCalender).
  • Click OK. The Launch Application window opens.
  • Click OK to allow the Microsoft Outlook application. Outlook now opens with a prompt that says "Connect this SharePoint Calendar to Outlook?"
  • Click Yes. The SmarterMail calendar is added to your Outlook profile. Click on any day within the imported calendar to make sure it's in focus for the next step.
  • Click File and then Save Calendar to export the calendar from Outlook. The Save As window opens.
  • Choose a location to save the file on your computer and click Save. The calendar is now exported to an iCal file (the file extension is *.ics).
  • Log in to your Open-Xchange webmail.
  • Click Calendar in the OX navigation bar.
  • Click the menu icon next to Calendar (under Private).
  • Click Import.
  • The Import from file window opens. The format should be set to iCal. Click Upload File and select the iCal (*.ics) file you created earlier.
  • Click Import to finish. When your calendar is done importing, an alert will appear at the top of the page:

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