How to Obtain an Authorization Code for Domain Transfer

Posted by Quinton Moore on July 28 2014 04:20 PM

A number of registry companies (including those responsible for .com, .net, .org, and .info domains) require the use of an authorization code (also known as an auth code or EPP code) when initiating a domain name transfer to a new registrar. The auth code helps to prevent unauthorized changes to your domain name when transferring between registrars. To transfer your domain name to HostMySite, you will need to acquire an auth code from your current registrar prior to initiating the transfer.

If you already have registered your domain name through HostMySite and wish to transfer it to another registrar, you can acquire an auth code through the domain name management interface as shown below.

If you do not already know the credentials for logging in to the domain management interface, please see this related article: How to Update Domain Name Passwords

  • Open a browser window or tab and go to
  • Enter the requested login information, then click "Manage Domain".
    • Domain Name: enter your domain name, without the www
    • User Name: previously obtained from the control panel as the login
    • Password: previously obtained from the control panel as the password

  • From the menu, click "Domain Extras". The authorization code will appear on this page. You can copy this code and use it when initiating your registrar transfer. Alternately, you can enter a new code in this box and save the update, which allows you to specify your own auth code.

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