Giving Users Control of Their Own Approved and Blocked Sender Lists with Symantec Email Security

Posted by on July 19 2013 05:27 PM

This KB outlines how you can give users the ability to manage their own Approve and Block Sender Lists inside of their Spam Manager accounts.

By default approved and blocked sender lists are managed in the ClientNet and are global across the domain. This means that each approved or blocked address is in effect for all email addresses on the domain. If you would prefer for each address to maintain it's own lists then user level lists is the way to go.

When you give a user control of their user lists, the Approved Senders and Blocked Senders tabs are visible in the user's Spam Manager account. The user can then add, delete, and edit entries in their lists in Spam Manager.  The user or a Quarantine Administrator can define and manage the user list in Spam Manager. An Administrator can also define and manage user lists in the ClientNet.

Note: The maximum number of entries in a user level approved and blocked senders lists is 3000 in each. Also the global domain level lists support IP address entries while the user level lists support only address and domain name entries.

To give a user control of their user approved and blocked senders lists


  • Select Services > Email Services > Anti-Spam.
  • From the domains drop-down list, select the domain that the user to give control to is in.
  • Select the List Management tab.
  • Click User List Control.
  • The User List Control area is displayed.
  • List all available email addresses in the domain in the Existing Email Addresses box by leaving the search box blank and clicking Search. Or be more specific with your search text to reduce the number of addresses in the list.
  • Select the email address to be given user list control and click Add to list.
  • The email address is listed in the User Control box.
  • Click Save and Exit. The user can now manage their approved senders and blocked senders lists in their Spam Manager. Please allow an hour for the change to take effect.

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