Creating an Exclusion List with Symantec Email Security

Posted by on July 19 2013 05:05 PM

This KB outlines how you can define a list of email addresses to be excluded from the protection of the AntiSpam service. This feature is configured inside of your ClientNet account.

This list can only be defined at domain level. You cannot specify this setting to affect your AntiSpam configuration globally or at group level.

The exclusions list can contain up to 500 addresses. Before you can populate the exclusions list, you must ensure that all relevant addresses are registered. You also cannot add an address to the exclusion list that has been labeled as an Alias inside of your Spam Manager or an address that you have listed in a group.

To create an exclusion list:

  • Select Services > Email Services > Anti-Spam.
  • From the domains drop-down list, select the domain for the user you want to exclude from AntiSpam.
  • Click the Exclusions tab.
  • To display the email addresses in the domain, leave the search box blank and click Search.
  • The users in the domain are listed in the Existing Email Addresses box. To reduce the number of addresses in the list, be more specific with your search text.
  • Addresses that belong to a group are not listed and cannot be added to the exclusions list.
  • Locate and select the email address to add to the exclusions list and click Add to list.
  • The address is displayed in the Exclusion List box.
  • Click Save and Exit. A confirmation message is displayed.

You cannot select any email addresses currently set as an alias.

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