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Posted by on February 21 2013 03:28 PM

Q: Where do I sign up?

A: Signing up is easy. You can sign up by logging in to your account and ordering from the HostMySite Store

Q:I've signed up, now what?

A: Click on the "Access your CakeMail" account link under Cakemail in the Applications section to get started! The first time you log in, you will be welcomed by an information tour that will contain an explanation on how to start using your new account. You can also view the CakeMail Getting Started guide here.

Q: Do I need to validate my email address so I don't get marked as spam?

A: Yes! This is a crucial step. Read info about it here. When you're ready to start, click on the gear icon toward the top right inside your CakeMail account, then click on "Email Domain Setup".

Q: How much does CakeMail cost?

A: We have many contact sending options to choose from. If you use up your email allotment before the month is up, a message will display in your CakeMail account letting you know. You can also upgrade at any time. Currently you can order up to 25,000 contacts.

Note: If you desire a higher plan please select the 25,000 contact level. Once your account has been established and a successful campaign has been sent, we can review the upgrade with you. We have plans from 50,000 to 250,000 contacts for existing customers with good messaging practices. If you need more than 250,000, let us know!

Contact LimitMessage VolumePrice
1,000 10,000 $5 / mo
2,500 25,000 $30 / mo
5,000 50,000 $50 / mo
10,000 100,000 $75 / mo
25,000 250,000 $150 / mo
50,000 500,000 $240 / mo
75,000 750,000 $380 / mo
100,000 1,000,000 $480 / mo
150,000 1,500,000 $600 / mo
200,000 2,000,000 $800 / mo
250,000 2,500,000 $1,000 / mo

Q: Why should I order CakeMail directly from you?

A: All of our plans support additional campaign features not available through Cakemail directly. Cakemail is currently beta-testing a stripped-down marketing platform on their site that does not include campaign options.

Our plans offer:

  • A/B split campaigns that let you send out two campaigns between your list to test out the most well received campaign
  • Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Scheduling and Rescheduling Campaigns

Q: How many emails can I send per month?

A: You can send up to 10 times your monthly contact limit. This means the 10,000 contact plan allows for 100,000 emails monthly. If you need to communicate with your customers more frequently than the sending limit allows, please contact us so we can discuss a higher level plan with you.

Q: I don't know my CakeMail password, what do I do?

A: You can view your CakeMail password from the CakeMail Application Settings page inside your Hostmysite control panel:

  • Click the Applications tab
  • Click on the CakeMail link
  • Click the CakeMail Details tab
  • Click Settings
  • Click Show Password 

You can also have it sent to yourself from the forgot password link located on the CakeMail login page at

Q: I need more help!

A: You can view Cakemail Guides and KB articles from within your CakeMail account at any time. Click the Welcome tab to get access to the Knowledge base and to submit a support request. The complete CakeMail Knowledge base is a great reference for more information. It is available here.

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