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Posted by on February 18 2013 05:25 PM

Q. Are my mailboxes backed up?

A: Yes! We backup the mailbox servers and data stores on a daily basis. Backups are stored for a rolling 4 day period.

Q: Can I create mailboxes in bulk?

A: A bulk import utility is provided within the Hosted Exchange control panel. The tool provides CSV file format guidelines as well as an example. Before bulk creating your mailboxes, make sure your subscription has enough mailbox resources available.

Q: What version of Microsoft Exchange are you using?

A: The highly available Hosted Exchange environment currently runs Microsoft Exchange 2010.

Q: How do I migrate my mailbox to your Hosted Exchange environment? 

A: In most cases you can simply export your mailbox content to a file such as a PST, then import the PST file into your new Hosted Exchange Outlook profile. We will have a more flexible option available soon.

Q: What is my mailbox storage limit?

A: Included storage varies by mailbox type, you can see the available mailbox types here. It is also possible for the organization administrator to reallocate storage to other mailboxes.

Q: What happens if I reach my mailbox storage limit?

A: As you approach your storage limit, you will receive automated notifications. By default, these notifications are sent when you reach 90% usage. Once you reach 100% storage usage, your mailbox will bounce incoming email until you are able to archive or delete data.

Q: Can I use Hosted Exchange to send bulk marketing messages?

A: Exchange is an enterprise-class collaboration and communications system for businesses. If you require bulk e-mail marketing services, we have a solution for you through our partnership with Please contact Sales or Support for additional information.

Q: Are there any limits to the number of messages I can send?

A: Since Hosted Exchange is a multi-tenant environment, meaning it's shared by thousands of users and organizations, we do impose some reasonable restrictions to ensure a high quality of service for everyone. Users can send messages to 10,000 distinct recipients each day. Each message can be sent to up to 500 recipients at a time. The speed at which these messages are sent is restricted to 15 messages per minute. Some limits, such as incoming and outgoing message sizes, can be configured by your organization's administrator. To view your limits, please log in to the control panel and consult the Limits screen for your mailbox.

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